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The Hollywood Madam


800px-Dennis_Hof,_Heidi_Fleiss,_Ron_JeremyHeidi Fleiss began her career as the architect of Hollywood’s most notorious prostitution ring in 1987 at the age of 22.  Her operation catered to some of the biggest A list celebrities and wealthiest businessmen in the world.  She ran the multi million dollar operation for six years, until she was arrested in 1993. Although a 1994 conviction was overturned, Heidi was convicted of federal tax evasion charges in 1996 and served 20 months of a seven year sentence.


Documentaries and made for TV movies about her story followed, as well as appearances on reality shows like “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Celebrity Rehab”.


heidiIn 2005 she began a relationship with Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof, and during that time she conceived the idea of opening a male brothel called “Heidi’s Stud Farm”.  Although the project never materialized, she remains close to Hof and has worked with him on multiple projects.


Now residing in remote Pahrump, Nevada, she lives a secluded life surrounded by 25 parrots that she inherited from a deceased acquaintance.